Dad Club London (DCL) is a registered, not for profit organization that was founded by two local London Ontario fathers intending to create an innovative and inclusive community where children and fathers can thrive through mutual support and shared experiences. DCL was founded in 2013 to address a need in the community for a support network of London Ontario area dads and dads to be. To really get the group established, Dad Club London needed a professional logo to build their brand on. With their website re-vamped by a fellow member, the club needed that fresh new logo to better represent the club and its members.


As a Dad Club Member myself, I noticed many of the members had an interest in sports, like a good cold beer yet were all serious men when it came to parenting and the club. The end result is a logo that would work just as well on a beer can, a sports jersey or corporate stationary. Driving around London Ontario, it’s fairly common to see the logo on the back windows of minivans, cars and pickups trucks all over the city with that instantly rcognized brand, what it means and the gentlemen behind it. New for 2017 was the creation of the Mom Club London group, so we mirroring that logo to its predecessor. Since DCL’s inception, the group has exploded into a vibrant community of dads from all walks of life, all coming together to make a difference for their kids and the community where they are growing up. You’ll often see the group raising money for causes that help kids such as ensuring less fortunate families have a nice christmas every year, and putting in Emergency Defibrillators in each school. These men rock and I am honoured to have done their logo.


CLIENT: Dad Club London | DATE: APRIL 29, 2015

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