HALE Shower and Glass is a custom shower and glass installation company that carries over 22 years of experience and knowledge in custom glass installations. As a new company getting off the ground, Bill Hale needed a logo along with supporting materials to get his business name out there and get the phones ringing.


We created a simple graphic symbolizing an “H” and also representing glass panels, and incorporated a modified font with laser-straight lines to match the laser precision of their own work. If you look through their finished custom shower and glass work, everything is laser straight, clean, tidy, perfect. The logo’s straight lines and lettering is intended to match and represent Bill’s precision work. Now in their 3rd year, HALE Shower and Glass continues to work on countless shower installations of all sizes, precision measuring and other various custom glass projects for new and returning customers. Contractors in the Greater Toronto Area have also been seeking Bill specifically for his precision measuring and flawless attention to detail (not to mention razor sharp craftsmanship).


CLIENT: HALE Showers and Glass | DATE: January, 2016