FIRETEK Emergency Vehicles is a new company built on the framework of their main business but offering a different family of brands to better serve Canada coast to coast. They required a logo and brand that set them apart from competition while retaining their industry connection within this new design. Having worked with this client for several years in other facets of their businesses, it was a fun creative challenge creating a new feel for a company backed by familiar people.


FIRETEK is focused on supplying firefighters with the best apparatus, service, maintenance plans and experience so that the firefighters can focus on their job – to save lives, put out fires and keep our communities safe.
The chosen design shows a drop of water in front of a flame by showing a cut piece in red to appear as if behind the blue “water drop”. This idea represents that FIRETEK provides fire fighters water to fight flames by
supplying state-of-the-art apparatus. It also represents FIRETEK being a new company but carrying the core values behind it of where its roots came from.

Emergency Vehicles Ltd. Logo Design
Emergency Vehicles Ltd. Logo Design