The owner was looking to refresh his business with a new logo that wasn’t dated, was easy to see and read at a distance from the highway and wanted a logo that had a quality look to it that not only reflected the quality of service they provide but also what service they provide – auto repair.


The reoccurring theme both in their old logo and a large clock in the front lobby designed using large gear cutouts made of aluminum or steel and we chose to take that and refines it into several working directions. The winning logo design incorporated a “gear” graphic wrapping the G similar to the old logo but with a fresh tape and split into two pieces – gray/silver for the bottom portion of the “gear” and read for the top which represents the RPM gauge’s redline. This RPM gauge idea ties in the gear to being in “High Gear” going fast in top gear at a high RPM. A high performing vehicle means it is running in top shape and is looked after with care… and that is what you can expect from High Gear Auto Repair. Quality you can trust.


CLIENT: High Gear Auto Repair

Old logo:

New logo:

Alternate design concepts: