After many years of running their old “Maltese cross” logo, SAFETEK felt it was time to give their logo a refresh. The team decided to drop the Maltese cross in favour of a shield with an “S” within. The broken/abstract shield design left the team feeling that their new logo did not reflect what SAFETEK is all about. It wasn’t effective for what they were trying to achieve, and so they presented the problem to us.


We took a fresh approach to the re-design and began by looking at the SAFETEK owner’s family coates of arms – this company was a family oriented business that grew into a powerhouse where the team became an extension to that family. Family was important to the owner, so we felt it was just as important to incorporate that into their new logo. Inspired by the coates of arms, we created a shield with a knight’s helmet within the logo’s graphic element to represent safety, service, security, protection and dependability. The typeface portion of the logo was chosen to specifically match and complement the shields sharp straight lines and smooth curves. In addition to the Safetek logo, we created a logo for their emergency vehicle parts and service company PROFIRE. This logo follows the same approach as the SAFETEK logo but with a flame within the shield to represent their main client base for parts and service – fire emergency professionals. An abstract “W” can be seen in both shield logos representing the first letter in the owner’s family name.

The end result is a logo that is deeply rooted into its history and owner in addition to everything the company strives and stands for – serving those who keep our communities safe.


CLIENT: SAFETEK Emergency Vehicles Ltd. | DATE: MAY 20, 2016